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Development of housing complex consisting of 13 housing units of varied typologies and 1 house, organized in a closed condominium and different environments.




13 housing units + 1 house

Correia / Ragazzi Arquitectos

MGC720 04
MGC720 01

The outline of the complex was designed as a tree that densifies at the height of the canopy, widening in order to free the largest possible green area on the ground with generous private gardens and proposing unusual housing typologies with very contemporary spatial organizations, corresponding at the same time to a reinterpretation of the local traditions.


Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos
MGC720 03
Esquico 13

Terrace Houses

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Garden Houses

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Pool House

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Esquico 16
Esquico 2
Finishes & Technologies

Door frame (built-in) and lacquered doors;

Exceptions in suspended low ceiling halls and wooden veneer shelving;

Lacquered sills;

Motorised blinds;

Lacquered cabinets.

Wood floor;

Suspended ceiling and plastered painted walls;

Various light fittings on the walls and JUNG equipment;

Rack floor outlets.

Wood floor;

Plastered walls with lacquer colours;

Lacquered cabinets;

Plastered and painted suspended ceilings;

Light fittings on walls and ceiling of the sleeping area/ceiling luminaries;

Motorised blackout blinds.

Ataija blue marble floors;

Painted plaster walls;

Painted plaster walls and wood floor with marble washbasin (guest bathroom);

Ataija blue marble walls in shower and bath areas;

Plastered and painted suspended ceiling ;

Wall-hung bathroom fittings;

Concealed cistern;

Shower and/or bath in the suites;

Shower/Bath tempered glass enclosure;

Mirror with upper lighting and ceiling luminaries;

Washbasin and wall-hung furniture.

Marble and wooden floors (in the pantry area);

Class A appliances (SMEG induction hob with integrated hood);

Lacquered kitchen cabinets;

Direct and indirect light fittings.

Energy efficiency B in the pre-certificate ;

Pre-installation for intruder detection system;

Home automation for controls (lighting; blinds/black-outs; radiant heating and voice control) ;

Possibility for voice control systems;

Digital video surveillance system;

High security reinforced doors;

Automatic fire and carbon monoxide detection system in cellars;

Fire suppression system;

Video door entry system with connection to the lobby;

Lifts with capacity for 6 people and/or people with reduced mobility;

Possibility of installing fiber optics to the rooms;

Automatic garage lighting triggered by presence sensors ;

Irrigation system;

Automatic lighting system in the garden common areas triggered by twilight switch and timer.

Marble and screed floors in the cellar ;

Plastered and painted walls (ground floor);

Plastered and painted suspended ceiling and fair-faced concrete in the cellar;

Accumulator tank;

Washing and dryer machine class A+++ (SMEG).


Electric operated sectional doors.

Interiors: mist cin 9434 (subject to confirmation);

Garages: fair-faced concrete.

Handmade wooden stairs ;

The side band and the central fulcrum - made of plywood - are the structure of the staircase, with thicknesses ranging from 5-6 cm (central fulcrum), and 4 cm by the outer guard;

Steps are loose (with transparency) and fitted into the thickness of the wooden structure, fixed with a special high-seal adhesive;

Lacquered wooden staircase guards.

The heating system is made through radiant heating ‘giocomini’ and fan coil units (rooms).


Foz - Beaches and gardens

Serralves House and Garden

Serralves Museum

Pinhais da Foz: Commerce and Services Schools, Universities and Kindergartens



City Park

Músic House


8km Leça da Palmeira

12km Airport

23km Espinho

58km Braga

60km Guimarães

75km Aveiro

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