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VOGUE HOMES has been investing in the premium housing segment since 2002, developing benchmark projects, based on design, quality and innovation, creativity and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Today, our spectrum of activity and investment covers the design and development of projects in the residential and tourism sector, thus enabling broad access to investment opportunities for our investors and customers.


São Carlos Building receives Honorable Mention
August, 2023

The building predates the 1755 earthquake, after which it underwent reconstruction, extended to the entire devastated downtown Lisbon. Since then, Largo de São Carlos has experienced different periods of cultural and architectural wealth, of which the construction of the Real Teatro de São Carlos stands out, inaugurated in 1793. From the second half of the 20th century, the Chiado area was voted a abandonment that resulted in the deterioration of its urban fabric, with great risks of losses heritage sites of high historical and cultural value.

In the last three decades, we have witnessed the rebirth of a dormant Chiado, in constant struggle against giving in to the immediate financial return of growing tourism. The recovery of this building signifies the resurgence of (and does justice to) the throb patterns of the elegant and refinement of 19th century Lisbon.
The choices made regarding its exceptional areas and unique quality of structure and
finishes, result in an increase of the criteria seen until now and, inevitably,
positively contaminates future interventions in the area. The happy residents of São Carlos will bring themselves this requirement to the existing commercial and cultural offer. With them, and with those attracted for them will come, the one that competes as the noblest area of the city fights the dangerous trend of mischaracterization, trivialization and loss of quality so difficult to fight in any metropolis of a cosmopolitan nature. The best of Lisbon's identity is promoted and safeguarded in this rehabilitation.
At the same time, the intrinsically high material value of this area is boosted, serving as a magnet to future quality investments. The heart of the city must be lived again, in
depth and awareness, as opposed to subjugation to a mercantilist and superficial use. A
Vogue Homes provides the best expression of this desired experience with the São Carlos building.
Respect the past, fulfill the present and secure the future.

A successful performance is only possible with strong and sustainable partnerships, which allow us to control quality throughout all phases of the investment.