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São Carlos Building receives Honorable Mention
August, 2023

The building predates the 1755 earthquake, after which it underwent reconstruction, extended to the entire devastated downtown Lisbon. Since then, Largo de São Carlos has experienced different periods of cultural and architectural wealth, of which the construction of the Real Teatro de São Carlos stands out, inaugurated in 1793. From the second half of the 20th century, the Chiado area was voted a abandonment that resulted in the deterioration of its urban fabric, with great risks of losses heritage sites of high historical and cultural value.

In the last three decades, we have witnessed the rebirth of a dormant Chiado, in constant struggle against giving in to the immediate financial return of growing tourism. The recovery of this building signifies the resurgence of (and does justice to) the throb patterns of the elegant and refinement of 19th century Lisbon.
The choices made regarding its exceptional areas and unique quality of structure and
finishes, result in an increase of the criteria seen until now and, inevitably,
positively contaminates future interventions in the area. The happy residents of São Carlos will bring themselves this requirement to the existing commercial and cultural offer. With them, and with those attracted for them will come, the one that competes as the noblest area of the city fights the dangerous trend of mischaracterization, trivialization and loss of quality so difficult to fight in any metropolis of a cosmopolitan nature. The best of Lisbon's identity is promoted and safeguarded in this rehabilitation.
At the same time, the intrinsically high material value of this area is boosted, serving as a magnet to future quality investments. The heart of the city must be lived again, in
depth and awareness, as opposed to subjugation to a mercantilist and superficial use. A
Vogue Homes provides the best expression of this desired experience with the São Carlos building.
Respect the past, fulfill the present and secure the future.


Vogue Homes strengthens relations with the world of art
August, 2023

Art inspires us. It brings people together and breaks down borders. It is part of our essence and we want it
reciprocate in the best way. Vogue Homes will boost art, namely 
contemporary painting, through various initiatives such as artistic residencies, the promotion of

exhibitions and art galleries, educational programs, support for established artists, attribution of
prizes, etc.

The act of painting, a sublime form of art, captures the essence of imagination and creativity on canvas.
Through artistic work, it reveals emotions, tells stories and reflects the depth of human experience. 

A timeless form that transcends borders, painting allows the expression of interior worlds and leaves an indelible mark on our collective conscience.

The houses that we create are physical spaces that we hope are vehicles for extraordinary experiences. The art will also be fuel for this mission.


New Vogue Homes project in Castro Marim: you will fall in love with our Camaleão
Abril, 2023

It is with assumed enthusiasm that we share with you the first news about our latest venture. Located in Castro Marim, in the Algarve, Camaleão will be a true paradise for those looking for a space of well-being, integrated into Nature, respecting the ecology and landscape of the region. (...)

The development will naturally rely on sustainable technologies and energies and will be designed with a high standard of quality, top-of-the-line finishes, and with special attention to detail: the exceptional location for your holiday home, perhaps for living or host the new digital nomads…!

The wild location of this project is one of its main attractions. Located close to the sea and beaches, it allows residents and visitors to enjoy a unique and preserved natural environment. You can wake up every morning with the sea breeze and the sounds of nature, in a location of enormous beauty and uniqueness. As in any other Vogue Homes enterprise, the commitment to preserving the local fauna and flora is a fundamental pillar of our intervention. Stay tuned to discover the most interesting initiatives that we are going to present soon and transform yourself with our Camaleão!


ARCOlisboa: “A balm of inspiration, creativity and strong emotions”
JUNE, 2023
ARCOlisboa has once again made the Portuguese capital a meeting point for collectors, gallery owners, artists and professionals from all over the world. The sixth edition of the event, held from the 25th to the 28th of May, was a success, providing an unforgettable experience for lovers of contemporary art. The show impressed with a careful and captivating selection of works of art, awakening the senses and emotions of visitors. According to Rosarinho Fernandez, Director of Marketing and Communication at Vogue Homes, ARCOlisboa was "a true treasure for art lovers, with world-renowned works that enchanted visitors and inspired their imaginations".

Cordoaria Nacional hosted the artistic contents selected by the organization and by the teams of curators from the different sections. The general program, the main axis of this fair, brought together national and international galleries that reinforced their commitment to the quality of the works.

In parallel, ARCO highlighted two sections with exclusive curation. The first of them, "África em Foco", curated by Paula Nascimento, had the participation of galleries from the African continent. Rosarinho Fernandez comments: "This section was an invitation to discover the vibrant African art scene, immersing yourself in unique and provocative cultural expressions."

The second section, entitled "Opening Lisbon", was under the responsibility of Chus Martínez and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas. New languages and artistic spaces were explored, with the aim of attracting innovative content and research. Rosarinho Fernandez continues: "Opening Lisboa was a space for discovery, where we were surprised by the most recent trends and the most avant-garde artistic expressions. Without a doubt, a balm of inspiration, full of creativity and strong emotions. It was a special moment for Lisbon. and for all art lovers, an extraordinary journey through exceptional talent and the most innovative artistic horizons.”

The event consolidates itself as a reference in the international art scene, celebrating art in all its forms and leaving an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege of participating. Our congratulations!


Villa Sanches: Exclusive Architecture, Views of Monsanto and Sustainability
JUNE, 2023

Born in the heart of Lisbon, Villa Sanches offers elegance and tranquility in the pulse of one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the capital. Campo de Ourique, known for its welcoming, familiar atmosphere and diverse offer of local shops, restaurants and cafes, is the perfect setting for Villa Sanches. Centrally located, we are surrounded by vibrant cosmopolitan life, while enjoying a quiet neighborhood full of history.

The project stands out for its contemporary design, which harmoniously combines materials such as concrete, copper and wood. The apartments, which range from T2 to T4, offer spacious and functional spaces, perfect for a calm and comfortable life. Through its beautiful architecture, the responsibility of the Menos é Mais office, our eyes wander from Monsanto to the urban landscape of Lisbon.

In a privileged location, Villa Sanches has intrinsic added value, arising from its sustainable approach. Careful integration with the surrounding environment was a fundamental principle of this project, which offers a balanced lifestyle between the urban universe and nature. The spaces were designed to maximize the entry of natural light and ensure energy efficiency, providing an exclusive, sustainable and conscious experience.

We invite you to take a look at the timelapse video of the construction of the building and to discover the fractions still available. Contact us at +351 913 385 846 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Quinta do Cedro: a large and distinguished space, close to the sea
JUNE, 2023

This residential project offers a unique opportunity to live in a spacious, bright and privileged space. Quinta do Cedro is a new construction with 22 units, located in Oeiras, just a few meters from the sea. Each apartment has been carefully designed with private outdoor gardens, balconies and terraces, allowing residents to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. With typologies from T1 to T4 duplex, the development has two swimming pools on the roof, providing the best moments of leisure and tranquility.

The surroundings of Quinta do Cedro are truly enchanting. Located in an area of 7,483 m2 of gardens, it coexists with a romantic-style mansion, dating from the 19th century, hidden inside the walled farm. This palace, designed by geographer Roberto Ivens, gives the property a unique atmosphere of privacy and charm. Classified as Environmental Heritage Building, the palace has an approved project for the recovery of the area and the new construction of 22 units – Quinta do Cedro – located at the north end of the property, including the fantastic gardens.

With a total of 59 parking spaces, Quinta do Cedro offers comfort and practicality to its residents. The project values space and light, creating welcoming and sophisticated environments for an exceptional living experience.

The completion of construction is scheduled for 2025, and it is still possible to purchase a new, modern apartment in this historic and stunning setting. See more information and details about available fractions or contact us at +351 913 385 846 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Paulo Duque: we dress in green by the river
JUNE, 2023

In a privileged location by the river, the Paulo Duque residential project perfectly combines sustainability, modernity and comfort. The spacious apartments, with private outdoor areas, superior finishes, durability and charm, invite you to a refined lifestyle.

Location is always a key factor when choosing our new address. However, it is often difficult to meet all needs and desires at the same time. When we choose a place that we like for some reason, we often compromise other values that we would also like to enjoy. The location of the Paulo Duque development allows it to combine several requirements, without giving up what it likes: a location on the first line of the river, proximity to the center of Lisbon, the green areas of Jamor, the beaches of the Cascais line and easy access to highways . A solution that meets multiple requests.

The Paulo Duque project comprises only 6 units, with T3 duplex and T2 apartments. Each apartment offers spacious and bright spaces, with high quality finishes. The areas vary between 80 m² and 170 m². All apartments have integrated outdoor spaces, providing relaxing moments outdoors. The duplexes on the ground floor have a generous private garden of 100 m², while the duplexes on the upper floors offer a spacious private terrace of 28 m².

Each fraction was carefully planned to provide a functional and balanced distribution of indoor and outdoor spaces. You will have the freedom to project and express your identity in a modern and welcoming environment, where well-being will always be present.

Construction completion is scheduled for July 2025. For more information on available apartments, contact us at +351 913 385 846 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Vogue Homes applies for the National Urban Rehabilitation Award with the São Carlos Building, in Chiado
Abril, 2023

The São Carlos building, in Lisbon, was built before the 1755 earthquake and renovated by Vogue Homes in a project that stands out as an incomparable example of success in revitalizing Chiado. In addition to bringing back a valuable historical and cultural heritage, the intervention offers exceptional housing areas and differentiated shops on the ground floor, attracting an elegant and cosmopolitan dynamism. (...)

The National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation is an initiative that distinguishes urban interventions that contribute most to the qualification of cities and to the well-being of the community in various aspects. Created by Vida Imobiliária and Promevi, the award assesses the success of interventions through market acceptance, their social value, their impact on the community, and ability to induce changes in the urban fabric.

The São Carlos building, in Lisbon, predates the 1755 earthquake and, after its reconstruction, became an important landmark of Belle Époque architecture. The Chiado area was, unfortunately, abandoned during the second half of the 20th century, resulting in the deterioration of its historical and cultural heritage. In recent decades, Chiado has been reborn with fervor and the restoration of this building is an exceptional example of the revival of what was once the epicenter of culture in Lisbon in the 19th century.

The ground floor will receive a differentiated commercial space, promoting a new social and commercial dynamic, in perfect balance with the housing component of the remaining floors of the building. This intervention went far beyond the legal requirements for urban rehabilitation and will certainly serve as a reference and inspiration for future quality investments in the area. The disruption created by its incomparable quality and large housing areas will itself bring new disruptions that will perpetuate themselves, helping to combat the mischaracterization, trivialization and loss of quality that are so difficult to counter in any cosmopolitan metropolis.

The restoration of the São Carlos building was a challenge associated with a huge responsibility, of which Vogue Homes has always been aware. It respects the past, fills the present and secures the future.

The Urban Rehabilitation Week returned to the stage at the LX Factory, from March 29th to 31st, with the theme “Rehabilitation, construction and sustainability”
March, 2023 - (re)Portugal / Vida Imobiliária

The tenth edition of the Urban Rehabilitation Week was a success once again. Get to know the opinion and suggestions of the CEO of Vogue Homes, Joaquim Lico, on the subject of urban licensing, in his interventions at this meeting.

The event had 14 000 registrations, carried out by around 1 850 people, distributed across the 28 conferences that made up this year's program, from the 29th to the 31st of March, at the Lx Factory.

Joaquim Lico, CEO of Vogue Homes, participated in the Round Table "Lisbon - The new centralities and investment opportunities", underlining the importance of an agile assessment of urban licensing processes for property developers. "The longer the process is under appraisal and evaluation, the greater the financial impact on the projects", he said, highlighting that this is one of the most relevant factors to consider when investing in the real estate sector. According to him, this delay could jeopardize the construction of housing for the middle class, making them less affordable in terms of the purchase price.

Another issue raised by the CEO of Vogue Homes was the slowness in issuing licenses for use. “How is it that a simple administrative process sometimes takes longer than building the building itself?

In his opinion, standardizing the interpretation of municipal regulations would be essential for developers and technicians, allowing them to have clear guidelines in the development of projects. Furthermore, Joaquim Lico highlighted the subject of consultations with external entities and suggested that Lisbon City Council could institute a tacit approval procedure to speed up the licensing process.

On the subject of “Lisbon of the Neighborhoods”, Joana Almeida, Councilor for Urbanism, Information Systems and the Smart City, and Transparency and Corruption Prevention of the Lisbon City Council, shared that the Lisbon City Council has a team working on the city of 15 minutes: «the program There is life in my neighborhood intends to implement this concept, where essential urban functions can be within a 15-minute walk».

During these days, the candidates for the National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation were known, on permanent display, including the São Carlos building, in Lisbon. The program included presentations of case studies that are behind some of the works already awarded by the PNRU in previous years and that deserved mention by Claúdia Beirão Lopes, Director of Licensing & Urban Planning at Reify: “In Portugal, things are done with very high quality, very well made».

Vogue Homes thanks everyone who attended the event and renews its availability to clarify any questions through the usual contacts: +351 213 461 246 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


São Carlos building is the new housing project in Chiado
March, 2023 - Publico / Imobiliário

The Chiado area, in Lisbon, has a renovated residential building, São Carlos, one of the most recent urban rehabilitation projects by Vogue Homes, resulting from an investment of €10.8M. Here, 4 new premium apartments were created, spread over 5 floors, namely three T3 with 253 m² on the first 3 floors, and a T4 Duplex with 460 m² on the last two floors. There will also be trade on the ground floor. The project is already completed, and the apartments are practically all sold.


Sustainability as a pillar of the real estate market
January, 2023 - SmartCities.pt

The environmental impact generated by the construction industry must be reduced and does not end when the construction process of a property is completed. Buildings must also have a reduced impact throughout their lifetime, that is, construction projects must incorporate elements that have a continuous positive influence on the long-term environmental impact, such as energy and water efficiency.

Opinion article by Rosarinho Fernandez,
Director of Marketing and Communication for Vogue Homes

re-Porto 2022

Porto: a city on the "world radar" that grows in all sectors
November, 2022 - (re)Portugal / Vida Imobiliária

According to Joaquim Lico, CEO of Vogue Homes, the real estate developer identified a new opportunity for the real estate sector in Porto, highlighting the very favorable climate for investment that Porto City Council created where things actually work.

Quinta do Cedro

Vogue Homes promotes Quinta do Cedro and Paulo Duque
November, 2022 - (re)Portugal / Vida Imobiliária

The Quinta do Cedro development, still under construction, comprises 22 spacious units, five T1 and T2 fractions, six T3 fractions, two of which are penthouses, and four T4 and two T4 duplex fractions.


#Opinião: "What is the contribution of the real estate sector to the construction of greener cities?"
November, 2022 - Ambiente Magazine

Rosarinho Fernandez, Director of Marketing and Communication at VOGUE HOMES, shares a testimony about the contribution of real estate to greener cities.

Quinta do Cedro

New houses in Oeiras: 28 apartments from T1 to T4 duplex
November, 2022 - Idealista.pt

Quinta do Cedro and Paulo Duque developments, to be built on the riverfront in the Dafundo-Algés area, are already being sold. These are two real estate projects by Vogue Homes that, together, will bring 28 new apartments to that area.

Quinta do Cedro

Quinta do Cedro and Paulo Duque in commercialization
November, 2022 - Magazine Imobiliário Online

Two of Vogue Homes' most emblematic projects, Quinta do Cedro and Paulo Duque, located on the riverfront in the Dafundo-Algés area, are already on sale.

Quinta do Cedro
Paulo Duque

Quinta do Cedro and Paulo Duque enter the marketing phase
November, 2022 - Construir.pt

The two Vogue Homes projects are located on the riverfront in the Dafundo-Algés area and are signed by Luís Rebelo de Andrade.

premio SIC Expresso

Vogue Homes MGC 720 project distinguished in the 4th Edition of the Real Estate Awards
October, 2022

The recently completed residential project by real estate developer Vogue Homes won the award for Best New Construction - Housing development.

Vogue Homes diversifica actividade para atrair mais investimento estrangeiro
March 9th, 2022
Com a criação da Vogue Capital, em parceria com a Quadrantis Capital, a promotora lancou o Fundo de Capital de Risco “POF” (Portugal Opportunity Fund) dirigido especialmente a investidores estrangeiros que pretendam ter acesso ao programa Golden Visa.
Fomos visitar as instalações da Woho, em Madrid
November 15th, 2021
Com vista a manter todo o habitat o mais natural e autóctone possível, não vão ser construídas estradas asfaltadas, nem passeios no interior do empreendimento. Não existirão abates de árvores com mais de sete anos, sendo que nos restantes casos, árvores de pequeno porte, existirá um processo altamente rigoroso de seleção.
JCC Obras em Lisboa 04 1600x1067
Golden visa: changes in the regime in 2022
November 2nd, 2021

As from January 1st, 2022, the Investment Based Residence Permit shall target preferably inland territories, investment to create jobs and urban and cultural heritage rehabilitation.

With this change there is also an increase in values involving 'investment activity'. Thus, the following amounts are now considered: transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than €1.5 million; transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than € 500 000, which is applied in research activities carried out by public or private scientific research institutions, integrated in the national scientific and technological system; transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than €500,000, intended for the acquisition of participation units in investment funds; transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than €500,000, intended for the incorporation of a commercial company headquartered in national territory.

Utopia Apresentacao PT WEB 26
UTOPIA by Vogue Homes begins to take shape in Melides
September 3, 2021

Fine Living, Architecture and Sustainability.

With a curatorship of 6 architectural offices for the conception of the project that makes up the enterprise and with the Master Plan in charge of OODA and AFR Arquitetos, we believe that we are going to surprise by making UTOPIA in Melides a reality.

Six kilometers from Praia da Aberta Nova and Vila de Melides, on a 170-hectare estate, a unique and differentiated project is being born, based on the ecosystem in which it operates and the sustainability of the construction.

Our expectation is that UTOPIA will be an enterprise with a high degree of innovation, reflected among many other aspects, for example, the introduction of wildlife through native animal species, along with the technological partnership with MIT, thus reconciling the development of the region, with the coexistence of ecosystems without causing their destruction, giving them the capacity to regenerate and develop.

woho team
Vogue Partner | Woho
September 12, 2021

Introduction of this new partner, Woho.

This partner is distinguished by its innovative construction and high quality.

It is a technology company that completely transforms the way of designing and creating more sustainable buildings, integrating architecture, engineering and construction in a single platform to design and build with a high degree of efficiency.

The company was created by a trio of renowned engineers and architects from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Georgia Tech University in the USA, together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The disruptive vision of the founders, the quality of the projects presented, and the experience on these, are revolutionizing the classic form of construction.

quinta do cedro
Quinta do Cedro opened the gardens to the public after an agreement reached between Vogue Homes and the Municipality of Oeiras.
August 27, 2021

Quinta do Cedro, is one of the most emblematic palaces, representative of 19th century architecture, opened its gardens to the public, in the first phase at the end of July. In a second phase, the palace and the outbuildings will be open to the public.

Built by Roberto Ivens, one of the geographers who participated in marking the borders of Angola and Mozambique and classified as a built and environmental heritage, Quinta do Cedro is one of our most recent projects approved for the recovery of the area and new construction of 22 fractions, at the north end of the property, including gardens.

About the project:

The layouts of the original project were optimized and now we foresee a building with an ABC of 6,553m2, with 5,008m2 above ground, where the 22 Fractions are distributed over 7 floors.

  • Two penthouses with 283 m2 indoor and 250 m2 outdoor pools;
  • Two single storey units, T4 duplex with areas between 270m2 and 390 m2 with swimming pool;
  • The parking with 1,545m2, in the basement, with a capacity of 59 spaces.

We look forward to starting work at the end of this year or early next year.

BCSD selo primario rgb pb EN
VOGUE Homes is a member of BCSD Portugal - Companies for Sustainability

BCSD Portugal is a business association that brings together companies with a vision of the future, working together to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world, reinforcing norms and practices recognized and aligned with management, ethical, social, environmental and environmental standards. quality.

Efficiency and sustainability are fundamental principles of VOGUE Homes in all its operations, and have therefore joined a group and business movement that aggregates and represents more than 100 reference companies in Portugal, which are actively committed to the transition to sustainability.

VilaSanches 04
WestHouse 08
Villa Sanches and West House highlighted in Público Imobiliário

The “Villa Sanches” project reformulates a deep and irregular plot, constructing two residential buildings, with fronts for Rua Campo de Ourique and Praça Afonso do Paço.

"West House" reflects the intention to create unique spaces, with its own identity, where each house has a design that is unique to it.

Público Imobiliário

VH Quinta do Cedro 03
Quinta do Cedro in Algés, is Vogue Homes' latest development

In the riverside area of Dafundo, in Lisbon, between Algés and Cruz Quebrada, Quinta do Cedro will be born, the new development by Vogue Homes, exclusively dedicated to housing, consisting of 22 fractions distributed over 2 nuclei of independent access, with private gardens , common areas, parking and that include:

  • Two penthouses with swimming pools with 283 m2 interior and exterior 250 m2;
  • Two single-storey units, T4 duplex with areas, between 270m2 and 390 m2 with swimming pool.

The project is in the commercialization phase, with works scheduled to start in the second semester.

Vista Alcado noite
Start of commercialization of West House by Vogue Homes in Cascais.

Located on Avenida Adelino Amaro da Costa, in Cascais, this development is located in the heart of the main residential area of Cascais, 500 meters from the bustling historic center and with easy access to the natural setting of “Praia do Guinho”.

This development will consist of 5 units with parking and outdoor spaces.

The authorship of this project is the architecture firm RRA arquitectos and we estimate that its commercialization will start in April.

VilaSanches 00
Start of commercialization of Villa Sanches by Vogue Homes, in Campo de Ourique, Lisboa.

The next residential project to enter the commercialization phase is located in an old village in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon, where a closed condominium will be developed with 8 fractions and types from T2 to T4 and also a T2 duplex single family house.

The authorship of this project is from the architecture office LESS IS MORE and we estimate that its commercialization will start in April 2021.

VOGUE HOMES invests in the Portuguese south-west coast of Alentejano

Vogue Homes identified a tourism project in Melides, as an investment opportunity and to expand the portfolio, with the first signature project in Alentejo. Located 5 km from the sea and protected by the Natura 2000 Program, the region where this property is the last strip of pristine Atlantic coast in all of southern Europe.

This property is the closest to Melides, a charming coastal village that offers all amenities, restaurants and shops. Melides is present in the national and international market, having currently surpassed Comporta in terms of demand. The area features a single white sand beach protected by untouched dunes that stretches over 65 km.

Located on the same axis as the MUDA Reserve of Vanguard Properties, this property has large areas of pines and cork trees that give it a unique and unique beauty, providing for the master plan, the construction of a lake inside the property, where they will be developed 3 villa concepts. Stone, Wood and Dune villas, with swimming pools and all with large private green areas.

In the coastal strip from Comporta to Sines there is no offer similar to this project, which has affordable prices for most of the national buyers. Melides will have a high standard, differentiating and ecological development, with large green areas and swimming pools framed in a property with 168 hectares, in a charmingly private haven, surrounded by nature and sea in the last pristine Atlantic coast in southern Europe and protected by the Program Natura 2000.

“Le Figaro called it “the secret garden of Portugal”
The Guardian described it as “the most stunning coastline in Europe”.
“A region of unparalleled beauty and authenticity”, according to The New York Times
“Far enough away from the traditional tourist hotspots that it can provide all the space you need, unspoilt natural landscapes and great food”, Monocle Magazine
National Geographic calls it “Portugal’s Time Capsule”, “where time rolls back and the past sits cheek by jowl with the present”
Let me tell you a secret…
We call it Alentejo!”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
westhouse banner
Westhouse - new development by Vogue Homes

In the best known seaside village in Portugal, a haven of natural beauty and tranquility, we find the project of 5 residential units West House by Vogue Homes with signature RRA arquitectos.

In the final licensing phase and located on Avenida Adelino Amaro da Costa in Cascais, it is located in the heart of the main residential area of Cascais, 500 meters from the bustling historic center and with easy access to the natural setting of “Praia do Guincho” .

The project foresees a block of 5 residential apartments, with 1,063m2 of living area, private garage and storage rooms with 625m2 below ground.

All apartments have private terraces / gardens from 150m2 to 210m2.

The apartments located on the 2nd floor (penthouse), are duplexes with terraces with sea view of 18m2 each.

We plan to start sales in the first quarter of 2021 and the start of works in March 2021.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.