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MGC 720

ongoingFoz, PortoCorreia/Ragazzi Arquitectos

Housing complex consisting of 14 housing units of various types, organized in a private condominium with different environments.


Bom Sucesso

ongoing Belém, Lisboa SARAIVA + ASSOCIADOS

Set of four buildings of differentiated housing types, each with a varied offer of space and environments, with two buildings dedicated to single-family housing and two other buildings dedicated to collective housing.



ongoingChiado, Lisboa OPENBOOK Arquitectos

Located in the S. Carlos square, historical reference of the city, the building will be rehabilitated respecting the singularity of the architectonic set of Lisboa Pombalina , maintaining the R/C for commercial use and the upper floors for residential use.

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ongoing Dafundo, Oeiras SARAIVA + ASSOCIADOS

Creation of a housing complex with typologies T1 to T4 with a philosophy of closed condominium with exclusive and innovative infrastructures.



ongoing Cascais RRA PROJECT

Located on Avenida Adelino Amaro da Costa in Cascais, this development project is located in the heart of Cascais's prime residential area, 500 meters from the buzzing historical centre and with easy access to the striking natural surroundings of “Guinho Beach”. This development will deliver 5 units benefiting from parking and outdoor space.

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Villa Sanches

ongoing Campo de Ourique, Lisboa Menos é Mais Arquitectos

Old villa situated in Campo de Ourique, where a project for a closed condominium with 8 units ranging from T2 to T4 is to be developed.


Quinta do Cedro

ongoing Dafundo, Algés Rebelo de Andrade Arquiteto / André Caiado Arquiteto

It is a building dedicated exclusively to housing, consisting of 22 fractions distributed over 2 independent access cores, with private gardens, common areas and private parking spaces.

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Paulo Duque

ongoing Dafundo, Algés André Caiado - Contacto Atlãntico

Building with 6 housing units, with typologies between T2 and T3 duplex and parking in a privileged area by the Tagus River.



ongoing Melides, Grândola -

In our project of Melides "UTOPIA" we sought to be different and innovative, from concept to construction, always taking into consideration the ecosystem of which it is part.
To be remarkably differentiating, our ambition is for this project to become a reference for its concept, which we will announce over the coming months.
Vogue Homes invited a curatorship of national and international architects to design the 230 houses that will make up "UTOPIA" and whose Masterplan was the responsibility of the OODA architecture practice and AFR Architects.
It is a project whose strategic orientation is based on principles and factors such as comfort, sophistication combined with innovation, energy efficiency, differentiation of design, always bearing in mind and as a principle the preservation of nature, environmental and cultural valorisation.
This project will be based on single-family houses on individual plots of land, surrounded by large green areas of indigenous landscape, and also four hotel units. Sustainability goes beyond ecological issues, which seek to reconcile development with environmental preservation, coexistence with ecosystems, without causing their destruction, and giving them the capacity to regenerate themselves when there is a more intrusive intervention.
But this is only the ecological vision of sustainability; Vogue Homes' great ambition for "UTOPIA" is to be a project with a high degree of sustainability, going far beyond merely ecological issues.
We will soon make the Masterplan of this project available.


Luis de Camões

ongoing Algés  

In Algés, next to the market, this development will have 4 units, the penhouse being a T1 duplex, and the ground floor unit T2 with 130 square meters of garden.

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ongoing Baixa, Lisboa -

Project in collaboration with the Institution Atheneu Comercial of Lisbon that aims to bring life to the emblematic building and will contemplate a section of the palace to make a museum of the Atheneu to display all its assets that will be open to the public.

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Rua da Bombarda

ongoing Anjos, Lisboa  

Rehabilitation and expansion project of housing building with 1150m2.

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Maria Pia

ongoing Stª Isabel, Lisboa Miguel Saraiva + Associados

Plot of land near Campo de Ourique , to develop in a private condominium.

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Portas do Sol 1

ongoing Setúbal CPU Arquitectos

Residential project, built on top of the old wall, in a classified area and with a privileged view on the river Sado

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Previous investments
Taipas 18Príncipe Real, Lisboa
Valbom 76Avenidas Novas, Lisboa
Ávila 193Avenidas Novas, Lisboa
Madrid 6Avenida de Madrid, Lisboa
Crisóstomo 20Avenidas Novas, Lisboa
Intendente 48Largo do Intendente, Lisboa
Páscoa 43St. Isabel, Lisboa
Emenda 5Chiado, Lisboa
Fanqueiros 218Baixa, Lisboa
Eduardo Coelho 26Príncipe Real, Lisboa
João das Regras 3Baixa, Lisboa
Madalena 88Baixa, Lisboa
Francisco Metrass 75Campo de Ourique, Lisboa
Sacramento 28Chiado, Lisboa
Ivens 50Chiado, Lisboa
Ferreira BorgesCampo de Ourique, Lisboa
Miguel Bombarda 141Avenidas Novas, Lisboa
Augusto José Vieira 23Graça, Lisboa
Rua Nova do Loureiro 24Bairro Alto, Lisboa
Rua Nova do Loureiro 26Bairro Alto, Lisboa
Santana à Lapa 105Lapa, Lisboa
Cabo 36Campo de Ourique, Lisboa
Gomes Pereira 21Benfica, Lisboa
Telhal 12Av. Liberdade, Lisboa
Largo do Mastro 1Campo Mártires da Pátria, Lisboa
Padre António Vieira 3Amoreiras, Lisboa
Luz Soriano 15Bairro Alto, Lisboa

Believing in planned and proactive interventions, the company integrates different skills, to ensure viability and to maximize the investment potential.

MGC 720
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Vogue Homes is seriously committed to reducing our carbon footprint, with our projects being developed with Certification BREEAM®. Efficiency and sustainability are fundamental principles in our company throughout our work and during our projects.


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