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Market approach

We have developed our activity focusing on buildings of prime location, enhancing the investment in a context of a residential real estate market of "Fine Housing".


Since 2001 we have invested in the real estate market and despite a strong incidence in historic centers and rehabilitation, we also develop new construction projects, always within the concept of Fine Housing.

Bom Sucesso

VOGUE HOMES is a real estate investment management company, focused on the monetization of real estate assets and the satisfaction of its partners and subscribers.

São Carlos


In the rehabilitation of buildings, we preserve and value all the glamor and elegance of traditional architecture combined with innovative solutions and the higher standard finishes that buildings require, both for their location and for their architecture.


New developments

The creativity combined with the innovation of technological solutions and high quality materials are fundamental and constant aspects of our projects with the aim of offering a unique, differentiating and high standard product to our customers.

Portas do Sol 1

Managing & Consulting

We develop and implement programs for real estate assets for third parties, in order to monetize and maximize the real estate assets of our clients.

Believing in planned and proactive interventions, the company integrates different skills, to ensure viability and to maximize the investment potential.

MGC 720
Quality Standards

From the concept to the last detail, quality, creativity and sophistication are paramount to Vogue Fine Housing philosophy


We bring together in each investment the necessary skills to ensure its viability and maximize its potential by creating homes that we pride ourselves on and that our customers enjoy.

Every detail is taken in consideration, with prime materials and innovative design, making a Vogue Home a special way to enjoy confort and elegance.

Vogue Homes is seriously committed to reducing its carbon footprint in all aspects of its work.
Efficiency and sustainability are fundamental principles in our company from the start and during our projects.


For any further enquiries, investment opportunities or more recent developments, please get in touch.